About Digital Attitude Srl

At DA we support organizations to get the most out of the investments they have already made in technologies, enhancing a digital culture and improving overall IT efficiency and security.
To do so, we aim to reinforce, innovate, and shape new habits that will reduce employees’ tech-stress, simplify their own and their colleagues’ work, and improve their digital mastery.

Digital Attitude was founded in 2017 by Methodos, a leading company that helps enterprises align their vision and strategy with their culture, thereby impacting people's mindset and behaviors.

Methodos is a joint-stock company: its managers are the shareholders. Each one of them has believed in DA and has given us a huge responsibility: think, design, and implement a greenfield company that shapes the future of change management through digitalization.

To do so, Methodos will allow DA to leverage its reputation and the know-how developed through more than 40 years of experience in the Italian and international markets.

(DA & Methodos team signing for company incorporation, 21st June 2017)

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